Welcome to Innovocative Theatre, where we believe theatre should be innovative, evocative, and thought provoking. We are based in the Tampa Bay area, and we strive to produce theatre that engages the audience in powerful character-driven stories. We think theatre should make you think; that theatre should open up a dialogue, and that theatre can be a way to safely examine differing point of views.

Many thanks to the Gobioff Foundation

for being our Season Sponsor!

Thank you Theatre Tampa Bay

Thank you, Theatre Tampa Bay, for awarding Innovocative The Judges Discretionary Award this season for the inclusion of child performers in our 2018-2019 Season!

And thank you for nominating:

Staci Sabarsky for Best Sound Design for COLUMBINUS

Jeannine Borzello for Best Scenic Design for COLUMBINUS

Nina Rametta for Best Costume Design for THE HUNDRED DRESSES

Many thanks Creative Loafing, Best of the Bay

Thank you for the nominations this season and for awarding Innovocative the Critics’ Pick for COLUMBINUS!

Coming Up Next!

Innovocative will be bringing you some alternative forms of entertainment that are safe, fun and interactive.

It’s sure to be an evening full of laughter, fun and frivolity!

For more information on how we can get the party started…email us at innovocativetheatre@gmail.com. Dates are available for June and July bookings.


How about a little murder, mystery and mayhem?  Are you looking for a fun, safe, interactive way to bring your friends and family together? Then, you will want to join us for BULLETS ON BROADWAY…an evening where you will get to act alongside professional actors while solving the crime!

All you need to do is gather your group of friends and pick a date! For a small donation to support the theatre, we will do the rest, including:

  • Send out the invitations and character descriptions to your guests
  • Provide costume suggestions, clues, and interrogation questions
  • Host the Zoom party for up to 20 guests
  • Guide the evening’s festivities to reveal the hand-selected murderer

For more information on how we can get the party started…email us at innovocativetheatre@gmail.com. Dates are available for June and July bookings.

'Innovative' And 'Provocative'

“No, it’s not a typo. The new theatre company’s name is Innovocative Theatre, which immediately gets a red underline when I type it in my Word document (it thinks it’s a misspelling). There is obviously no such word, but it has been cleverly created by Staci Sabarsky and Dennis Duggan for their new theatre company, incorporating two of my favorite words, ‘innovative’ and ‘provocative.”

Peter Nason, Broadway World

We Excitedly Welcome Innovocative Theatre

“…we excitedly welcome Innovocative Theatre to our local theatre family. And the good news is, they score a win with their first outing.”

Broadway World

Poised To Become A Signification Player

“— Innovocative seems poised to become a significant player in a theater scene that urgently needs more production companies.”

Creative Loafing

Acting, Stage Movement, And Pace Are All Top Flight

“Staci Sabarsky, Artistic Director for Innovocative Theatre, makes her mark in our area with her strong direction of KEELY & DU–acting, stage movement, and pace are all top flight”

Peter Nason, Broadway World

With The Powerful KEELY & DU, They Have Finally Arrived

“Innovocative Theatre entered the Tampa theatre scene last year with a serviceable Proof; it was a good show with lots of potential, but they weren’t quite a local player yet. That has now changed. With the powerful KEELY & DU, they have finally arrived,”

Peter Nason, Broadway World

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