Our Sponsors

Innovocative would like to thank each of the individuals listed below.  Their support and belief in our work made our 2018-2019 season possible.

Lewis Alpert, Aileen Benson, Brian Clark, Andra Delis, Edith Dembo, Richard and Jane Driscoll, Dennis and Laura Duggan, Carol Edgarley, Dan Farrell, Andrea Graham, Bryan Holz, Lyann Goudie, Judy Hall, Kimberly Kohn, Jim Lyons, Ray Lopez, Maximo and Ginny Otero, Rod and Nancy Rich, Leon Sabarsky, Steve Saladino, Dale and Nancy Sells, Rick and Lisa Shipman, Dawn Truax, Sharon Vollrath, James Wicker, Teresa Zacek, and Warren Zimmerman.

If you want to contribute to our vision and future productions please go to the Get Involved tab.  Join this season’s list of supporters for our 2020 Season of New Beginnings:

Terry Blalock, Barbara Donerly, Andrea LaGuardia Ewing, Dan Farrell of Lenny’s Restaurant, David Frankel, Michael Gold, Lawrence Golden, Sheri Lax, Andrea Graham, Jennifer Hall, Philip Manual, Jan and Sharon Miller, Carrie Nicholeris, Lou Pitt, Jay Pommerhn, Rod and Nancy Rich, Matthew and Deeann Ring, Leon Sabarsky, Dale and Nancy Sells, Anne Shanthakumar, Fred and Sharon Vollrath, Jim Wicker, Robert and Kate Wilde, Marketa Wills, Allen and Ellen Zalkowitz, and Howard Zalkowitz

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