Welcome to Innovocative Theatre, where we believe theatre should be innovative, evocative, and thought provoking.  We are based in the Tampa Bay area, and we strive to produce theatre that engages the audience in powerful character-driven stories.  We think theatre should make you think; that theatre should open up a dialogue, and that theatre can be a way to safely examine differing point of views.

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UGLY LIES THE BONE by Lindsey Ferrentino

This award winning play chronicles the homecoming of a newly discharged female American soldier to Titusville, Florida.  When she returns, Jess is still coming to terms with her own physical and emotional scars as she grapples with the question of 'What now?'  As she undergoes a new innovative recovery process involving virtual reality, she builds a new world where she can begin to heal herself.

  • Winner! 2014 Woodward/Newman Drama Award
  • Winner! 2015 Laurents/Hatcher Special Citation of Excellence
  • Winner! 2016 Kesserling Prize for Playwriting



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